Why Agents Need a Website Presence

Whether you are an individual agent or in a team you need a website!


Do individual agents really need a website?

I have been asked many times over the years whether an individual agent really needs a website presence? Basically in today online world, people expect a website presence if you are in the business of selling.

A website is very important in the selling process. It’s a tool when setup correctly brings in more leads and finds potential buyers and sellers. It is a professional online brochure working for you 274/7.


How does a personal website bring in more listings for agents?

As we all know, selling a property is one big financial decision.   You need an agent you can trust, and know they have a good track record of closing sales. A person needs to feel comfortable with the agent they select.

Without a website you are limiting your chances of being selected. Here is a standard scenario.

When it comes time to sell a property the seller usually makes a decision based on a few referrals from friends, or old business cards and flyers from the post with different agent details on them.

But who do they use? With a flyer they see your image and a few recent sales images on it, how much about that agent do they really see?

In todays online world, if you are in the business of sales, people expect a website to be able to make more informed decisions.

This is where a professional agent website used to backup your marketing material can be an important sales tool.

A personal agent website ie www.yourname.com.au now gives them a chance to distinguish you from other agents.

The benefits are numerous. The client can now make a more informed decision about you as an agent.

Just some of the benefits are:

1. You now stand out from other agents.
2. Your website gives you a professional image and showcases you as a brand.
3. Clients have access to your testimonials ( many people make decisions on testimonials, trust is a big factor and good testimonials can go along way to planting a seed of trust in sellers mind )
4. Showcase your experience ( ie 20 years real estate experience )
5. Showcase your awards ( ie Top Agent 2010 ,  Top Office sales earner 2013 )
6. Having a professional video on website reinforces your brand and image
7. Video gets your message across quickly and easily and has far greater conversion rates than plain text.
8. Only a tiny % of agents have personal websites. This leaves you a great opportunity to give sellers the information they need to point them in your direction.
9. You provide useful details on your website for  buyers and sellers, further building up trust.

How it works:
Once you have a website you simply put your web address on all your marketing material. ( flyers, business cards, newspaper, social media, facebook, twitter etc ) Allowing your website to act like an online brochure, showcasing you as an agent and working for you 24/7 to bring  
in buyers and sellers.



Common reason why agents don’t have websites

It will take up too much of my time?

The time you spend on your website is completely up to you. There are agents who never touch their website for years, but continue to successfully use their website like an online brochure to market there services and brand.

On the other hand there are agents , who regularly update their website with interesting articles, blogs and content. The amount of time you spend is really up to you.

What about the cost?

By offering FREE SETUP we have kept the cost very affordable, we don’t charge $1000’s to setup a website with video like other company do. You only pay a low monthly fee.


Still not sure?

If you are still not fully convinced you should have a personal website, then think of it this way. You only need one person to go to your website, like what they see, and decide to list with you. Now if that leads to a sale then the website has paid for itself for the next 10-20 years. Now that is not even considering any future word of mouth or referral factor.


Tips for agents to get there online presence going.

Tip 1: Starting to Build Your Brand

Most real estate agents will get a start with a well-known chain and this does come with many benefits.  However, in the grand scheme of things, you are still on your own when it comes to your success or your failure.  Make it a point to build your brand – a brand of one – with your marketing materials, your advertising, your website, your niche market and the way you go about your business on a daily basis.  Be a part of a team, but position yourself as the star of your team.

Tip 2: Grab the Online Bull by the Horns

According to a report compiled by Google and NAR, “90 percent of home buyers searched online during their home buying process.”  Unless you want to compete for the 10 percent who are searching for a home somewhere outside of cyberspace, you need to embrace the Internet and all it offers.  Start by establishing your home on the Web with a branded, professional website.  As an agent, your real estate website will give you instant credibility while also delivering valuable information and collecting leads twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week.


Why a personal websites increase your chances of getting selected.

Lets consider this example. You are looking for a particular service in a newspaper or online. There are 10 ads to select from and 3 of them have websites links. Most people will nowadays select the ad with a website link, look at their website, and make a decision from one of these 3. People want to see how professional you are, your services, testimonials. A website gives them the ability to make a more informed decision.

So you as an agent need to setup a professional website and then place your personal website address on any marketing you do ( flyers, business cards, newspaper, social media, facebook, twitter etc ) Once people see you have a professional website and view your services, testimonials etc , it will help build credibility and trust. Giving them a reason to use your services over someone else.

Use your website to collect leads by offering apprasial forms, newsletters, market updates and more.

A major part of our websites is the use of a professional personal video on home page introducing your services. It gives you that extra professionalism, and really enforces you as an agent and your brand. This is included free when we setup your website.